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Apple Streusel Coffee Cake

Everyone loves this apple streusel coffee cake and it is so easy to make. I love it best served warm!

Author: April Fear

Apple Dumplings with Rich Cinnamon Sauce

This dessert stands on its own, but a scoop of vanilla ice cream certainly wouldn't hurt.

Author: Ben S.

Microwave Baked Apples

This is an easy and fast baked apple recipe. Great for brunch or snack. Stuff the apples with any additional fruits that you wish -- cranberries stuffed...

Author: Nicole M.

Apple Crisp I

This is just a plain recipe that I made up when I was bored and everyone loves it. Check it often after 50 minutes to prevent burning.

Author: Gracia

Applesauce Raisin Cake

This cake is moist and delicious. I am from Washington state and this is my Mother's recipe. Great topped with caramel frosting!

Author: Sharon Sisson

Easiest Applesauce Cake

This moist spice cake starts with a simple mix, but makes a wonderful breakfast or snack cake. This is the easiest Applesauce Cake I have ever made!

Author: EAGLES1955

Apple Bavarian Torte



Apple Spice Coffee Cake

I created this recipe based on one served at the cafe I worked in during college. You can add nuts if you like, or easily double the recipe if you need...

Author: sonjagroset

Best Moist Apple Cake

Best apple cake we've ever eaten. I've taken three recipes and combined them to create what my family now requests for birthdays! We think the cake is...

Author: Donna Jean

Oatmeal Cookie Apple Crisp

This is by far the best apple dessert I've ever tasted! The topping tastes just like an oatmeal cookie. It's the perfect combination of crunchy, chewy...

Author: Flixer

Apple Betty

Everyone always raves about this pie. You don't have to make pie crust! You can control the sweetness by the amount of streusel topping you use.

Author: Barbara Milam

Jewish Apple Cake from Bubba's Recipe Box

There are very few Jewish Apple Cake recipes on Allrecipes, so after writing a review for the best one I could find and adding my own tips, I found that...

Author: Janyce

No Oat Apple Crisp

A crispy crust on top, and sweet apples underneath. Can be served with milk poured over it.

Author: Sande

Spiced Apples

I'm not sure where this recipe comes from, but I make it for holiday dinners and always receive compliments.

Author: Ruth Turcotte

Grandma's Apple Dumplings

This is a simple and delicious recipe for apples wrapped in dough with an orange vanilla sauce. Don't forget the ice cream!

Author: Megan Sneed

Country Apple Dumplings

Oh my Goodness!! Who knew that fresh apples, crescent roll dough, and citrus soda could make such a wonderful treat!

Author: docswife

Fresh Apple Cake II

A moist and nutty cake that keeps and freezes well. Frost with your choice of frostings. Some suggestions are: Cream Cheese Frosting, Whipped Cream or...


No Sugar Baked Apples



Apple Enchiladas

This is a DELICIOUS apple dessert - serve it up right from the oven with vanilla ice cream - a sure hit with family and friends!

Author: Brenda

Streusel Apple Coffeecake

Wonderfully moist coffee cake with a layer of apples and streusel in the middle and more streusel on top. Very good.

Author: Kris

Apple Butter Bars

Moist bars drizzled with icing.

Author: Rosina

Easy Apple Crisp with Honey

This apple crisp is very easy to make and tastes so good! Works best with Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples. Serve warm with ice cream.

Author: J.H.

Slow Cooker Baked Apples

These slow cooker baked apples make a delicious autumn dessert -- with the added bonus of making the kitchen smell delicious all day!

Author: sheilathebard

Cottage Pudding Upside Down Cake

This is my husband's favorite. I first made it over thirty years ago. You can use canned peaches or pineapple in place of the sliced apples.

Author: Sandra

Caramel Apple Cake and Glaze

This is a luscious, moist cake with chunks of apple and a sweet glaze that will melt on your tongue. For a thicker caramel, let glaze stand for a half...

Author: Nana Clares Kitchen

Virginia Apple Pudding

This is a wonderful old family recipe served warm, topped with vanilla ice cream.


Apple Cinnamon White Cake

A buttery white cake that comes together in minutes but tastes like you spent all day making it. Adding apples and cinnamon with brown sugar in layers...

Author: Jinglebells

Apple Cake with Raisins

This is a dense and moist apple cake, almost like a carrot cake made with apples, which could be served as dessert, brunch, or morning coffee treat.


Caramel Apple Bars II

A fall favorite with baked apples and gooey caramel. A great rainy day project!

Author: Christine

Haroset for Passover

Sweet and tasty Haroset is made with apples, cinnamon, honey and sweet wine. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

Author: Anonymous

Microwave Apple Crisp

I don't usually like 'baking' with the microwave, but this recipe works great. The topping comes out crispy on top, moist inside, and delicious all around....

Author: Joy

Sugarless Applesauce Cake

Applesauce and an artificial brown sugar replacement pair to make this raisin-studded cake.

Author: Jenny

Apple Honey Bundt Cake

The batter of this moist and delicious cake could also be baked in two loaf pans. Reduce baking time to 45 minutes. To make this even more special, dust...

Author: JAYDA

Mom's Prize Winning Raw Apple Cake

We laugh about the title, Mom got the recipe the day before the contest from a dear friend. There were no hard feelings!

Author: Andrea

Best Apple Crumble

Personal recipe... the way I make it in Australia. Apple crumble pie with coconut and rolled oats. Cut up and serve with hot or cold custard!

Author: RANDOM804

Apple Upside Down Cake

This apple upside-down cake is a wonderful twist on an old favorite. Will have your mouth watering as it bakes, because it smells as good as it tastes!...

Author: Amber

Apple Brownies

This was my Mom's recipe. Easy and quick to make. Apples and walnuts are packed into a cinnamon spiced blonde brownie. Always a hit when I bring it to...

Author: BakerJim

Mini Apple Pies with Pillsbury® Crust

These mini apple pies are perfect for sharing! I prefer to use a homemade pie crust, but for convenience sake it's ok to use ready-made pie dough.

Author: thedailygourmet

Healthier Apple Crisp for Two

When it's just my husband and I--and we're craving a nice, warm, comforting dessert--this apple crisp fits the bill every time! It's relatively easy to...

Author: Kim

Any Fruit Coffee Cake

This coffee cake is delicious with any fruit. People always want the recipe. I'm not sure where it came from originally, but I've been making it for 36...

Author: Cindy Newell

Baked Stuffed Apple

An apple is filled with a cinnamon cheesecake center. I used a Braeburn apple but any variety will work. Great for a cold night! Serve with whipped cream...

Author: Emily

Applesauce Raisin Cookies II

Delicious, nutritious cookies!

Author: Sallie

Apple Cake IV

A great tasting, moist cake and a great way to use up extra apples

Author: Ann

Baby Food Cake III

Use up some of your leftover baby food in this easy Bundt cake. Any fruit flavored baby food can be used.

Author: sal

Red Hot Baked Apples

This is an old fashioned, oven baked dessert that everybody loves. My mom always baked apples, but I added the red-hots because I love them.


Apple Pie in a Jar

This is great to do when apples are abundant and can be used on waffles and ice cream too.


Apple Crisp III


Author: Carrie

Escalloped Apples

A pretty standard, well-known, easy recipe for escalloped apples modified by family, experimentation with other recipes, and time. Friends and family are...


Cinnamon Apple Quesadillas

One of my favorite quick, breakfast treats. You can make it gluten-free by using corn tortillas! Top this delicious quesadilla with honey, maple syrup,...

Author: Vera

Nana's Apple Crisp

Very quick and easy recipe! Delicious with vanilla ice cream!

Author: KERI_B