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Best Ever Braised Sirloin Tips

These are the best tasting sirloin tips. Or at least, they are the best I've ever made. The secrets to the beefy flavor are using beef fat (saved from...

Author: Heidi Hoerman

Easy Au Jus

This is a simple aujus that goes well with most beef or steak dishes. Enjoy!

Author: Amy H.

The Best Ever Pork Tenderloin

This is the ultimate comfort food. The gravy is said to be the best and the pork, fork tender. And as you know I love easy recipes that are delicious!...

Author: Tammy T

Chicken Francaise (may use flounder or veal)

This is my cousin Karen's recipe that was given to her many years ago by a co-worker. Its become a family favorite. Its a great dish to make for large...

Author: Linda Kauppinen

Dark Microwave Cajun Roux


Author: Kathy Sterling

Beef Sandwich Au Jus Dipping Sauce

Okay, you've got the ingredients for an excellent French dip sandwich; however, you lack the dipping sauce (au jus). I HATE it when that happens. This...

Author: Andy Anderson !

Mom's Traditional Enchilada Sauce

If you've ever had authentic enchiladas, you'll love this sauce. Here in South Texas we love to eat enchiladas and let me tell you, it's all about the...

Author: Clemen Cifuentes

Authentic Homemade Italian Gravy (Spaghetti Sauce)

This authentic homemade Italian Sauce (or Gravy as most Italians call it) is bursting with sweet San Marzano tomato flavor, fresh basil, and is easy enough...

Author: Sarah McCormick @Sarah_McCormick

Old Fashioned Turkey Hash

This is my version of the old fashioned extra to serve over lots of things on the thanksgiving table or for anytime meal.

Author: Wallace Hale

How to Make Gravy

If you have a roast going in the oven, you can make a delectable gravy with the drippings.[v161921_b01]. 18 October 2021. If you don't, no problem! You...

Author: wikiHow

Beef Broth Gravy

I don't particularly care for roast beef, but my family loves it;so, sometimes I have to make it. Now, what I do like is roast beef sandwiches. But, the...

Author: Melissa Etheridge

Tuna Pinwheels

Cooking class recipe, from when I taught cooking to the 8 th grade students.

Author: Pat Duran

Rich Chicken or Turkey Gravy

This is made from good ole chicken stock and is a very easy, yummy gravy. This can be made with beef stock as well to make a brown beef gravy.

Author: Lynn Socko

Chicken and Tomato Gravy

What a tasty and simple meal! The chicken thighs cook to be very tender. The tomato gravy is flavorful and full of tomato and veggie chunks. One comforting...

Author: Kathy Sterling

Cornmeal Gravy

This recipe came from Judy Fields Jennings. Her grandmother was a good friend to my mother. "Just put the bacon grease in your black skillet and add cornmeal,...

Author: Joyce Lowery

Spring Hill Ranch's Green Chile Country Gravy

Here's a Southwestern version of the South's (and Texas') gravy for country fried (or chicken fried) steaks. But don't you *dare* relegate this gem of...

Author: Wiley P

~ Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Buttermilk Gravy ~

I love cooking with buttermilk. This chicken is so tasty, served up with the slight tang of the buttermilk gravy. My family certainly approved. Enjoy!

Author: Cassie *

Creamy Mushroom Sauce with Garlic and Dijon

Great on a steak, but also perfectly good on pork loin or chops, or oven baked chicken thighs..

Author: Lori Loucas @jostlori

Italian Sunday Gravy

Amazing and absolutely delicious Sunday gravy passed down from my great grandmother. Italian red sauce with lots of meats and fresh herbs. Great recipe...

Author: Melissa Turner


This is a rich, delicious sauce, full of umami flavor, for beef and venison steaks or roasts. It can be made with almost any type of edible mushroom species,...

Author: Tere G.

Easy Giblet Gravy

Not only is this giblet gravy tasty, but it's also a quick and easy recipe. The bits of chopped giblets and eggs add so much to the gravy. Once the giblets...

Author: Rose Abrams

Good Old Fashioned White Gravy

a recipe of nanas that is simple and yet so delish. use this over mashed potatoes or fried chicken or biscuits. a hint of bacon flavor and a peppery taste...

Author: Deneece Gursky

Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy

This recipe is from food network website and it is courtesy of Ree Drummond from the "Home on the Range" episode.

Author: Lynn Dine

The Best No Drippings Gravy EVER!

Whenever I roast any type of meat/poultry, I love to make gravy with the drippings but there were times when I want to make delicious gravy but didn't...

Author: Jacinda Santiago

DIY dry gravy mix

Saving more $ to DIY.... Sorry I dont have a pic of gravy at the moment but will post one as soon as I can!

Author: Candi Hummer

KFC Gravy (copycat)

Here is a recipe that I came up with for KFC gravy. Its so quick and easy.

Author: Sandra Gilbert

Turkey Breast with Cranberry Gravy in a Crock Pot

Photos from internet very close to my orginal..this is my recipe I made for Thanksgiving last year- it was a great hit-so this is it again this year..--be...

Author: Pat Duran

Salvadorean turkey(pavo salvadoreno)

This is a unique but delicious way to eat turkey. tought to me by my husband, its very good and extremely tender. IT FALLS OFF THE BONE, GOOD! ill also...

Author: yoanna francia

Copycat KFC Gravy

I got this recipe off an internet copycat recipe site a few years ago. Now, I can't say whether this actually tastes like KFC gravy - I haven't eaten there...

Author: Martha Price

Good Meat or Chicken Gravy from Drippings


Author: Juliann Esquivel

Bacon Hamburger Steak with Mushroom Gravy

What better way to celebrate my 300th recipe on JAP than with a good for the soul recipe dedicated to my Grandma Logan. She is my inspiration and role...

Author: Sherri Williams

Grandpa's Old Fashioned Giblet Gravy

My family looks forward every year to Thanksgiving, when I make Grandpa's Old Fashioned Giblet Gravy and Southern Stuffing. The giblets - the secret ingredient...

Author: Julie Madawi

Yummy Turkey gravy

I had no milk, no broth and no wine. I had Sour cream and rosemary........

Author: joeyjoan K

Mushroom Tarragon Sauce (low fat)

This rich sauce has no cream, so it is lower in fat. Serve over panfried boneless pork chops or chicken breasts.

Author: Mikekey *

The Countess's Mushrooms

A rich mushroom sauce, good served over pasta or rice. This is from an old BBS I used to use. Don't know who originally posted it.

Author: Mikekey *

New York Style Italian Gravy

I grew up in an italian influenced household, my mother's parents were immigrants that settled in NYC. If you've ever had NY style pasta and gravy, or...

Author: Helene Mulvihill @WeBakeinTX

Pepper steak with gorgonzola cream sauce

One night I had a taste for steak au poivre,I didn't have any mushrooms or brandy.this is now one of my wife's favorets. 1/28/14

Author: Karl Strasser

Nanas Red Gravy

I worked in a Polish restuarant years ago and I had to come up with a quick red gravy for our dishes that day seeing as we were out. Made a gravy that...

Author: Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal

White Gravy

This smooth and creamy peppered white country gravy is the perfect addition to so many southern main courses. Savor the comfort and smother your mashed...

Author: Beth Pierce

Crispy Cheddar Chicken

This chicken dish is quick and easy and delish! I do these a little differently than most. Can use Ritz crackers but I like the bread crumbs as I like...

Author: Tammy T

Chicken Kiev with Russian Mushroom Sauce

This tasty chicken dish is sure to please. Mushroom Sauce is great, recipe given to me by my neighbor, who is from Russia.

Author: Pat Duran

Egg Noodles and Gravy Homemade

This is part make ahead dish: using the baked chicken from the day before.Using all that is left at least 1 cupful- more or less. This is the smoothest...

Author: Pat Duran

Paprika Gravy

Begin your Hungarian cooking with this basic gravy. It celebrates paprika in a wonderful way. From The Frugal Gourmet, it can be used in Hungarian Stuffed...

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)


No more standing over a hot stove stirring and stirring to make a nice dark roux! Not only is the oven method easier on YOU, but the roux is less likely...

Author: Susan Din @spatdi

Mama's Giblet Gravy Dee Dee's


Author: Diane Atherton

Fool Proof Giblet Gravy

I found this recipe in Woman's Day magazine 11/1991. I never had enough gravy for meals with guests and it was such a last minute hassel. This recipe is...

Author: Marilyn McDonough

Classic Hamburger Gravy

This is a simple but very tasty hamburger gravy that has been passed down from my grandma long time ago. It's especially a great comfort food, served with...

Author: C P

Butter Pecan Glaze

I used this glaze over my Cream Cheese Pound Cake, which I had added roasted pecans to, but it would be good over other cakes too.

Author: Nelda Carnley

Sawmill Gravy From Cracker Barrel

This thick and creamy cracker barrel country store sawmill gravy will turn any meat-based meal into gravy heaven!


Marchand de Vin Sauce

This sauce is great with steak or roast beef. It also works well as a sauce for some Creole dishes, such as Eggs Hussard, Chicken Rochambeau, and Eggs...

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)