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Sea Scallops Sauteed With Scallions

Make and share this Sea Scallops Sauteed With Scallions recipe from Food.com.

Author: Oolala

Just Like Hellmans Mayonnaise Copycat Clone

I love buying the Helmans mayonnaise and this tastes just like it. Don't even try to make this on a rainy day or even when it is threatening to rain. It...

Author: Kaykwilts

Hamburger Seasoning

This is very good when either mixing into the hamburger and/or shake some on the burger while cooking. Want it a little more spicy? Melt a slice of Pepper...

Author: jimf57

Air Fried Onion Rings

Make and share this Air Fried Onion Rings recipe from Food.com.

Author: Tom G

Bacon Horseradish Dip

A co-worker brought this dip to a food day we always hold for office birthdays. I took one bite and was hooked! It is extremely simple, but absolutely...

Author: taylorpc

Seasoned Flour

For convenience, prepare this to use for dredging meat and poultry. Can be used with bread crumbs to prepare breaded meats.

Author: Northern_Reflectionz

Longhorn Steakhouse House Dressing

Make and share this Longhorn Steakhouse House Dressing recipe from Food.com.

Author: AlainaF

Homemade Bread Crumbs

Make a six month supply of bread crumbs for the cost of 2 loaves of bread and a cup of butter. And they taste better than the store-bought version. I've...

Author: sugarpea

Curry Paste

This is a really good and easy to make curry paste. No time used, no effort, and very tasty. As noted: Suze prefers less heat, Bold likes a lot. Go ahead...

Author: Queen Dragon Mom

Easy Asian Coleslaw

Make and share this Easy Asian Coleslaw recipe from Food.com.

Author: tamibic

Lemon Cream Sauce

Make and share this Lemon Cream Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: Brookelynne26

Seaweed Salad

Seaweed has amazing properties! Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low calorie and are one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom....

Author: Rita1652

Dill Deviled Eggs

This is a nice twist to the classic deviled eggs recipe. Loved by both adults and children! The recipe calls for everything fresh but works well with dried...

Author: amydietrichmark

Beau Monde Seasoning Closer to the Real Thing!

There are so many strange concoctions out there for Beau Monde Seasoning that I was just baffled when I needed it and couldn't buy it (or make it from...

Author: LoversDream

Thai Slaw Salad

Saw this recipe on Rachael Ray's program on Food Network. Love any recipes for salads that doesn't use mayo. Travels well!!

Author: katie in the UP


These were served at a party many years ago, and I have made them from time to time over the years, and they always disappear quickly. If you enjoy seafood,...

Author: Maggie in Florida

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad With Wasabi Vinaigrette

I combined a few recipes to come up with this. The dressing is so good. I used 1 TBS wasabi paste, which makes it a little spicy, so reduce amount if you...

Author: Cul_de_sac_Barbie

KFC Original Recipe Breading Mix (Copycat)

My reverse-engineered recipe for replicating KFC's 'Original Recipe' chicken breading mix. Yields one batch fried chicken (8-10 pieces, or up to 16 drumsticks)....

Author: The Spice Guru

Spinach Salad With Cranberries and Candied Walnuts

Spinach, dried cranberries and candied walnuts tossed together with a honey vinaigrette dressing. Easy and delicious!

Author: Cleanfreshcuisine

Hellman's Country Style Coleslaw

Make and share this Hellman's Country-Style Coleslaw recipe from Food.com.

Author: gwynn

Cold 3 Bean Salad

I love this recipe. I have been making this for so long. I suppose it is the typical bean salad but I love it.

Author: FrenchBunny

Baked Salmon with Cucumber Sauce

Make and share this Baked Salmon with Cucumber Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: Helen Watson1

Texas Dry Rub

Make and share this Texas Dry Rub recipe from Food.com.

Author: beretta92_fs2003

Eastern NC Slaw

Make and share this Eastern NC Slaw recipe from Food.com.

Author: NC Food Culture

Oven Poached Salmon With Dill Sauce

Make and share this Oven Poached Salmon With Dill Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: erryn_kruppi

Fiesta Salad

Make and share this Fiesta Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: Shellbelle

Cranberry Pineapple Jello Salad

Most simple, most delicious cranberry jello salad. This was my mother's recipe and has become a tradition for my family. I serve it as a side dish at Thanksgiving...

Author: Lori K.

Bisquick Beer Batter Fish Fry

Make and share this Bisquick Beer-Batter Fish Fry recipe from Food.com.

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Knorr Spinach Dip

Make and share this Knorr Spinach Dip recipe from Food.com.

Author: bbakergray

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Spread

Tangy horseradish flavours this smoked salmon cream cheese. Serve it spread on crispbreads for a cocktail party snack. You can definitely make this the...

Author: Nif_H

Cream Cheese Shrimp Cocktail Dip

Found this in Kraft Foods Magazine and sounds easy great for when companies coming. Once I pick up all the ingredients I plan on making it as a dip that's...

Author: Bonnie G 2

Cathy's Quick Stir Fried Broccoli Slaw Side Dish

My husband and I were hosting a small backyard get together, and were getting ready to take everything out to the deck to eat, when I realized we didn't...

Author: SrtaMaestra

Kittencal's Famous Caesar Salad

I developed this dressing years ago, and I can honestly say that you won't be able to keep your spoon out of the fridge for a taste, it is *that* good!...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Perfect Corn Dogs

I haven't yet found the perfect beer batter for onion rings, but as far as corn dogs go this recipe I found was perfect the very first time. The recipe...

Author: E. Nigma

Crispy Prosciutto Baked

Total credit for this recipe goes to Chef Maito. This is easy & fantastic way to crisp up prosciutto, in the oven, without adding any extra fat. Use for...

Author: Chicagoland Chef du

Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Make and share this Garlic Yogurt Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: Stormy Nights in Ca

Red Skin Potato Salad

This is from "Donna" at the All Recipes web site. This is my FAVORITE potato salad. If you do not care for the tangy mustard flavor of regular potato salad,...

Author: French Lavender

Dough Enhancer

I kept reading about dough enhancer but couldn't find it in any of our stores. A dough enhancer is a powder that is supposed to make your dough smoother...

Author: TishT

Basic Seasoned Flour for Dredging

Make and share this Basic Seasoned Flour for Dredging recipe from Food.com.

Author: queenbeatrice

Pineapple Cream Cheese Jello Mold

My mother made this every holiday. I think the original is supposed to be layered. I am not sure. I just mix it all together and let things fall as they...

Author: Ambervim

Longhorn Steakhouse Marinade

Make and share this Longhorn Steakhouse Marinade recipe from Food.com.

Author: Carol V.

Homemade French Fry Seasoning Blend

http://www.examiner.com Recipe by cooking examiner Kristin King. "This homemade seasoning blend combines salty, sweet, smoky and spicy flavors - no ketchup...

Author: Chef GreanEyes

Crappie Fish Fry

For those of you living in the Midwest and lucky enough to snag those delicious crappie fish, here's a recipe that will do justice to those wonderful little...

Author: Judikins

Homemade Best Foods/Hellmanns Mayonnaise Using Stick Blender

This homemade mayonnaise is created very easily in about 10-seconds using a stick (immersion) blender. After chilling in the fridge, this mayonnaise gets...

Author: Wheres_the_Beef

Sweetcorn Fritters

Make and share this Sweetcorn Fritters recipe from Food.com.

Author: Chelsea_

Longhorn Steakhouse Wild West Shrimp

Make and share this Longhorn Steakhouse Wild West Shrimp recipe from Food.com.

Author: AlainaF

Herbed Goat Cheese Sauce

This sauce is great over grilled chicken or grilled portabella mushrooms. Recipe came from a recipe swap years ago. If you cannot find herbed goat cheese,...

Author: januarybride

Grandma's Molasses Barbecue Sauce

Good sauce for chicken or pork. I changed the original recipe to lower the sodium count by using low sodium catsup and added 1 cup of water.

Author: Cooking Again 2011

World's Best Chicken Marinade

I came up with this a few years ago and always receive rave reviews. The heat of your chicken really depends on your brand of hot sauce, so use your discretion....

Author: StayHome Chef

Amish Creamy Coleslaw With Boiled Dressing

Like the title says, this is an awesome Amish recipe..We had this at a salad bar in Ohio and begged for the recipe.

Author: grandma2969