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Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai)

My version of this classic Thai dish has spectacular taste even with regular basil instead of Thai or holy basil. The sauce actually acts like a glaze...

Author: Chef John

Thai Noodles With Spicy Peanut Sauce

This is a recipe that I've tweeked and adjusted to yield a warm noodle side-dish. It can also stand alone as a main dish. It's quick and easy and full...

Author: jenpalombi

Chicken Satay

Why go out for Thai food when you can make it at home? These delicious Thai-style chicken satay are made of chicken marinated in a peanutty sauce, and...


Curried Coconut Chicken

Curried chicken simmered in coconut milk and tomatoes makes for a mouthwatering hint of the tropics! Goes great with rice and vegetables.

Author: ROMA

Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce

Flavorful Thai-style chicken skewers are topped with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. Serve with white rice for a complete meal!

Author: Allrecipes

Thai Red Chicken Curry

This is a quick and easy curry stir-fry made with chicken, zucchini, red bell pepper and carrot. Coconut milk and curry paste make an irresistible sauce....


Thai Green Curry Chicken

In this quick and easy recipe that never fails, the chicken stays moist and tender. Serve over jasmine rice for a satisfying meal.

Author: laus

Chicken Stir Fry with Thai Peanut Sauce

This made-from-scratch peanut sauce is thick, rich, and spicy. Serve over rice noodles or steamed jasmine or brown rice with a sweet-and-sour cucumber...

Author: Jeannette

Thai Steamed Mussels

Delicious and easy spicy Thai steamed mussels that can be finished in just thirty minutes.


Authentic Thai Green Curry

This is a classic Thai green curry (kaeng kiau wan) and my favorite curry of all time! You can substitute chicken or tofu for the pork, but make sure you...

Author: Toi

Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles

This Thai peanut noodle dish is a delicious recipe with just the right amount of heat! It's simple to prepare, but requires a bit of organization while...

Author: Seaottr

Pad Thai

This is a traditional Pad Thai recipe used by a friend's mother. You can use chicken, pork, beef, tofu, or a combination. You may want to start with less...


Thai Sweet Sticky Rice With Mango (Khao Neeo Mamuang)

This wonderful and authentic-tasting Thai dessert is as good, if not better, than any sweet sticky rice with Mango available in Thai restaurants.

Author: Michelle

Authentic Pad Thai

Inspired by the pad thai at Thai Tom, this recipe features a tamarind paste, vinegar, sugar, and fish sauce mixture over perfectly stir-fried eggs, chicken...

Author: Allrecipes

Thai Pineapple Chicken Curry

This is a quick, easy, and authentic Thai curry dish that's sweet and very spicy. I became addicted to the dish at a local restaurant and then worked to...


Thai Chicken Curry

This is a Thai chicken curry recipe I've been perfecting for many years. It is extremely flavorful, and the potatoes come out perfect, my favorite part...

Author: bluremi

Thai Pork with Peanut Sauce

This is a very simple and quick dish that combines the standard pork chop with the wonderful flavor of coconut and peanuts. Even the kids loved it.


Thai Chicken

This recipe was created when we felt like having spicy, Oriental tasting food. It's delicious, and uses bold ingredients such as peanut butter, fresh ginger...

Author: Debora

Thai Cashew Chicken

A wonderfully spicy Thai dish. I created this when I fell in love with a dish at a Thai restaurant. It is very good served over jasmine rice. Fish sauce...

Author: SKOALZ

Panang Curry with Chicken

Panang curry with chicken represents the diversity of Thailand's southern region. Panang refers to the island of Penang in Northern Malaysia bordering...

Author: wiley

Thai Style Shrimp

A dish made in half an hour! Plump shrimp are sauteed quickly and then simmered in coconut milk infused with garlic and ginger. Serve with white rice and...

Author: Colleen Moir

Coconut Chicken Curry

After experimenting, this is my adaptation of coconut chicken curry. Others ended up either too tangy, too tomato-like, or too lemony. This is what I feel...

Author: Matthieu Duquette

Slow Cook Thai Chicken

Slow cooked chicken breasts in a rich, peanutty, slightly spicy sauce. Serve over rice.


Tom Yum Gai (Thai Hot & Sour Chicken Soup)

This is our version of the hot and sour soup, modified to taste as much as possible like the wonderful version we would get at our favorite Thai restaurant,...

Author: meganmcartwright

Chicken Massaman Curry

This curry, flavored with tamarind and coconut milk, is ready in under an hour. Serve over plain white rice.

Author: pct2

Pad Krapao (Thai Stir Fry Pork with Basil)

Pad krapao (or pad kra pao) is a tasty Thai favorite. Serve with rice. Top with a fried egg, if desired.

Author: Gingi Sheppard

Spicy Thai Coconut Shrimp With Rice Noodles

Make and share this Spicy Thai Coconut Shrimp With Rice Noodles recipe from Food.com.

Author: jaetea

Thai Beef Curry

My son and I doctored up a Thai beef curry recipe from a local upscale restaurant using what we had and liked. We were both impressed and will make this...

Author: Betty McCommon

Simple Thai style Lemongrass Shrimp Soup

You won't believe how easy and good it is. Try this and you may never be able to eat a shrimp soup in a Thai restaurant again. This is a blend of two recipes...

Author: Anya4405

Thai Chicken Satay

The closest to my favorite satay served at my Thai restaurant. Prep is quick- best if left to marinade for a few hours or more. Skewer up for the grill...

Author: STACEYLYNN0822

Thai Shrimp Curry

This is one of Emeril's recipes however, I've cut a corner or two by using purchased red curry, which you should add according to taste. NOTE: Here's RZ...

Author: Galley Wench

Cold Thai Noodle Salad

This is an easy crowd pleaser. I have been making it for years. This is my first attempt to write it down (I may come back and make some edits to the "dressing"....

Author: Philly Closet Cook

Thai Basil Chicken with Coconut Curry Sauce

A classic Thai chicken curry with coconut milk and basil. Serve over jasmine rice and garnish with basil leaves.

Author: Pietro

Thai Chicken with Basil Stir Fry

This is delicious and easy to make. Make it as spicy as you like or keep it mild.


Thai Fish Cakes

An easy and tasty alternative for serving fish. The variations can be endless!

Author: MEZZIE

Shrimp Red Thai Curry

This is the quickest and easiest shrimp red Thai curry recipe ever. Great for an impressive dinner party, because it tastes great but hardly takes any...


Thai Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk

This recipe is one of the favorites in the family! If you don't have fish sauce available, try making it with soy sauce.


Thai Chicken Curry with Pineapple

This chicken curry is made with coconut milk and sweetened with pineapple.

Author: CupcakeSparkles11

Shrimp Pad Thai

This is a Pad Thai recipe I got from a restaurant. The sauce is made with ketchup, fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice and vinegar, and it's sprinkled liberally...


Thai Iced Tea

You can always find this creamy, bitter, super-sweet energizing drink at your favorite Thai restaurants. But now you can enjoy it at home as well! Perfect...

Author: Rob Bracco

Red Thai Coconut Curry with Eggplant

This version of Thai curry is made with light coconut milk and has a third of the calories and fat. For a milder taste, substitute green or yellow Thai...

Author: at4605

Thai Spicy Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Koong)

Delicious, bright and flavorful -- authentic, quick, and EASY too! This Spicy Thai Soup will satisfy your palate!! From a neighbor's cookbook. You can...

Author: BecR2400

Thai Coconut Chicken

This dish is super easy and lower in fat too!

Author: Amy Brolsma

Thai Noodles

A spicy Thai noodle dish with chicken and vegetables.

Author: Sharon

Thai Style Butternut Squash Curry

A simple and spicy curry that tastes great with steamed sticky rice, wide noodles, or naan bread. Serve with a dollop of mozzarella (burrata, if you have...

Author: Christine Ryan

Homemade Sambal Oelek

A staple in Malaysian and Thai cooking. Oelek means grinding so sambal oelek means ground chilli sambal! This can also be frozen.

Author: dale7793

Thai Shrimp Coconut Soup

Make and share this Thai Shrimp Coconut Soup recipe from Food.com.

Author: Rabia

Nam Prik Nam Pla (Traditional Thai Sauce)

This is the classic Thai condiment you always find on a Thai table, whether its a restaurant or home. It is spooned onto everything from fried rice to...

Author: shimmerchk

Thai Tuna Burgers

Tasty Thai tuna burgers with a hint of sesame, ginger, and soy. Made from minced fresh tuna steaks, these are a delicious alternative to the all-beef patty....

Author: dakota kelly

Thai Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup Tom Yum Goong

Make and share this Thai Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup - Tom Yum Goong recipe from Food.com.

Author: PalatablePastime