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Easy Paella

An easy to make paella using chorizo, chicken, and shrimp.

Author: mls

Authentic Seafood Paella

Paella is a classic Spanish dish of rice cooked with shellfish and seasoned with saffron. It is perfect for easy entertaining.

Author: Allrecipes

Authentic Spanish Rice

Make and share this Authentic Spanish Rice recipe from Food.com.

Author: catalinacrawler

Quick and Easy Paella

Consider this a gateway paella and the first step to a serious, lifelong addiction. When I first do a version of a classic dish like paella, I try to use...

Author: Chef John

Spanish Flan

Delicious Spanish flan, everyone will love it!

Author: ASOTO

Sangria! Sangria!

The BEST sangria recipe I've been able to hone to perfection! If you like a sweeter Sangria, use ginger ale in place of club soda.


Sizzling Sherry Shrimp with Garlic

This recipe is from Spain. Sherry or lemon juice is not always used, but either one adds a nice contrast to the richness of the oil and garlic. You can...


White Peach Sangria

A refreshing white wine sangria that is always a hit at parties.

Author: FOODINC5

Authentic Paella Valenciana

I lived in Spain for two years where I was taught the art of making the Paella which originated in Valencia. I haven't found anything on here which is...

Author: Jason Nelson

Garlic Soup

A wonderful rich garlic soup that is not overpowering! Served with a salad, crusty bread and a nice white wine, makes a lovely light supper.

Author: Dee514

Tortilla De Patata (Spanish Potato & Onion Omelet)

No doubt about it, the Tortilla Espanola or Spanish Omelet is the most commonly served dish in Spain. It is also called Tortilla de Patata or Potato Omelet....

Author: Helenic Hottie


Sausage, chicken, shrimp and rice dish!

Author: AMLOOS

Classic Spanish Sangria

This is an authentic version of the popular wine drink. You can add any fruit that you want, but I find that apples and pears absorb all the rum. This...

Author: Lisa

Maria's Paella

This is the paella all your family and friends will beg you to make again. It has the true flavor of Spain and has been made by my family in Catalonia,...

Author: Desi Carrimko

Spanish Octopus

Above and beyond the ingredients, the cooking method, or should I say methods, couldn't be easier. As long as you braise it gently on low heat, until just...

Author: Chef John

Paella I

A very traditional paella, garnished with chorizo, chicken, peas, squid, mussels, and shrimp. Chorizo is a sausage spiced with garlic and chili powder;...

Author: Christine

Authentic Paella

My grandmother emigrated from Valladolid, Spain. This is her AUTHENTIC Paella (Spanish rice)!

Author: ZapnTatersMom

Spanish Tortilla (Potato Omelette)

The potato omelette is a traditional Spanish tapas, or appetizer, but it's equally good for breakfast or brunch. Found while looking for spanish recipes...

Author: Katzen

Spanish Rice and Shrimp

I created this recipe to replicate paella for a crowd. I love paella, but it's expensive and not everyone likes the mussels and sausage in it. Serve this...

Author: Mandy Blizzard

Chicken and Chorizo Paella on the Grill

Use an 8-person paella pan on the grill.

Author: JWynne

Spanish Chicken

Nothing like the Mediterranean tastes of tomato, onion, bell peppers and of course chicken! All these tastes bundled up with chili sauce in one slow cooker....

Author: Nicole

Gambas Al Ajillo ( Garlic Shrimp)

This is probably one of the most famous Spanish tapas, available throughout Spain. Although my recipe is original, it is authentic as I have constantly...

Author: An American in Spain

Sea Bass a la Michele

Whenever I can't decide on what to do with a piece of fish, I usually opt for this easy and crowd-pleasing technique, which involves roasting seafood after...

Author: Chef John

Spanish Garlic Shrimp

This recipe from Gourmet Magazine is an example of what one can expect to be served at a Spanish tapas bar. They are very quick to prepare and can be made...

Author: Irmgard


A traditional Spanish bean and ham dish, from the Asturias region.

Author: Mary Beth


This tasty paella has a bit of everything! Wonderfully comforting, flavoursome and colourful

Author: Jamie Oliver

Garbanzos (Chickpeas) With Chorizo and Spinach

This is a healthy, filling dish that's simple to make. I found this recipe in the back of the 2012 edition of Eat This, Not That! by David Zinczenko and...

Author: Greeny4444

Spanish Style Chicken and Sausage

A wonderful recipe passed down for family functions. I make this for just about every event. Perfect along side of bread and salad.

Author: QueenCampbell

Salmon With Tomatoes

This savoury dish is very popular in Andalusia, Spain. You can use red pepper flakes (to your taste) in place of the hot pepper and any firm whitefish...

Author: CountryLady

Pasta with Spicy Shrimp and Sun dried Tomatoes

Make and share this Pasta with Spicy Shrimp and Sun-dried Tomatoes recipe from Food.com.

Author: PaulaG

Basque Cake

A Basque specialty that has pastry cream encased in a light shortdough pastry.

Author: Erma Germino

Sangria (White)

Red sangria is refreshing, but white just seems even better for those ridiculously hot Texas summer days!

Author: themistycat

Fried Empanadas

These fried empanadas are the best! Raisins and eggs make this recipe extra delicious believe it or not!

Author: CNCOOK

Pan Tomaca (Spanish Tomato Bread)

Pan tomaca, or more accurately pa amb tomaquet, is a traditional Catalan breakfast dish that is also loved in other parts of Spain. It couldn't be easier...

Author: Luis Luna

Easy Bacon Wrapped Dates

The easiest recipe I have found for this great sweet/salty treat! (So easy, it doesn't have to be a treat!)

Author: Dwynnie

Spanish tortilla

This classic Spanish dish is very versatile and quick to whip up. The tortilla (or Spanish omelette) can be served hot or cold and is a fantastic way of...

Author: Anna Jones

Chicken & chorizo paella

I've made a few paellas in my time. The biggest one was for about 800 people in a village in Spain and it was hard work, but an incredible experience....

Author: Jamie Oliver

Castilian Garlic Soup Sopa De Ajo

Make and share this Castilian Garlic Soup - Sopa De Ajo recipe from Food.com.

Author: Rinshinomori

Seafood and Sausage Paella

Paella is a Spanish dish that is often made with seafood and sausage, or chicken and rabbit. For best results, use a full-flavored stock and Spanish chorizo....

Author: Scarlett516

Seafood, Chicken, and Chorizo Paella

This paella can stand alone or be served with steamed clams - and a glass of red wine should always be at hand. The rice takes between 15 and 25 minutes...

Author: Daniel Sarfati

Simple and Creamy Spanish Flan

Flan is a traditional Spanish/Hispanic dessert that can be dressed up any way from chocolate to traditional. This flan is simple, yet creamy and smooth....

Author: FleurSweetLoves

White Wine Sangria

Delicious, fresh, and super easy! Any combination of fruit will do. Also delicious are peaches and cantaloupe!

Author: marisadawn

Patsy's garlic & chilli prawns

Patsy first tried these amazing garlic and chilli prawns in Torremolinos in southern Spain, where she enjoyed them as part of a delicious tapas spread....

Author: Bart van Olphen

Spanish Shrimp With Chorizo

When visiting my family in Spain, I was served a dish similar to this in a Tapa's bar. I have tried to recreate the flavors at home and have come up with...

Author: Expat in Holland

Spanish Cod

A delicious fish dish with a pungent tomato sauce with green olives and marinated vegetables. Throw some jumbo shrimp in with the fish for an even more...


Sangria by the Pros

I found a good sangria recipe and headed to the liquor store to purchase the alcohol. In line, ahead of me, was a man who said he has been a bartender...


Pollo al Ajillo (Chicken and Garlic)

Chock full of garlic, this dish from the Castilian region of Spain is delish!!! Served with a salad and crusty French bread, it is sure to please.

Author: Bev

Indian Summer Raspberry Peach Sangria

Love at first sip!

Author: Robert Farabaugh

Sizzling Sherry Shrimp With Garlic

Make and share this Sizzling Sherry Shrimp With Garlic recipe from Food.com.

Author: Lavender Lynn

Spanish Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce (Tapas)

Tapas are unique in that they are not eaten at home but are found only in tascas, where they are available from before lunch to late at night. Unlike American...

Author: Olha7397