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Sautéed Pork Chops with Sweet Potato, Apples and Mustard Sauce

The classic combination of tender pork, tart apples, and cider-braised sweet potatoes is a textbook meal for chilly days, especially when you're really...

Author: Carla Snyder

Blood Orange, Beet, and Fennel Salad

Our fresh take on the classic Moroccan salad pairs shaved fennel and red onion with assorted beets and oranges for color contrast.

Author: Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Shepherd's Pie

Author: Victoria Granof

Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Olives

Chicken legs, potatoes, and briny Kalamata olives star in this easy one-pan dish. "This entire meal comes together on a single rimmed baking sheet. It's...

Potatoes Rösti

Potatoes Rösti or hash browns done well are potatoes perfected. I learned this from my husband's mother in Hungary, but you'll find similar versions that...

Author: Sarah Copeland

Celery Root Purée


Author: Dorie Greenspan

Roasted Beets and Carrots

An easy Roasted Beets and Carrots recipe.

Parsnip Purée

Author: Traci Des Jardins

Finnan Haddie Chowder

Author: Ghillie James


Author: Noah Bernamoff

Roasted Winter Vegetables

Roasting is a no-fuss way to put a lot of vegetables on the table. Roasting brings out the natural sweetness in fall root veggies and winter squash. Roast...

Author: Sarah Copeland

New Potatoes with Dill Butter

Author: Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Turkey Stock

Author: Melissa Roberts

Roasted Root Vegetables with Rosemary

Roast these up to four hours ahead; put them in to reheat when the prime rib is done.

Caramelized Cumin Roasted Carrots

Author: Maria Helm Sinskey

Miso, Carrot, and Sesame Dressing

Author: Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Luxe French Potatoes

We combined the rich and indulgent cheesiness of Pommes Aligot and the beautifully swirled rosettes of Pommes Duchesse into one super-luxe casserole that...

Author: Katherine Sacks

Lemon Roasted Potatoes

Fingerling potatoes roasted with garlic in a lemon-dill vinaigrette.

Author: Michael Symon

Potato and Celery Root Mash

This mash gets a punch of flavor from freshly grated horseradish. Use a combination of potato varieties to add more texture.

Author: Victoria Granof

Chicken and Root Vegetable Pot Pie

These savory pies are stuffed with sweet potatoes, parsnips, celery root, and-of course-chicken, for a satisfying, comforting meal.

Author: Art Smith

Creamy Chive Potatoes

Author: Melissa Hamilton

Seared Halibut with Coriander & Carrots

{flirt with flavor} Season after season, I continue to be captured by the multicolored array of carrots that can be found at the farmers' market in all...

Author: Sarah Copeland

Fennel and Celery Root Salad

A winter salad of radicchio, shaved celery root, and sliced fennel with parsley, marjoram, and an easy lemon vinaigrette.

Salmon and Corn Chowder

Author: Mary Karlin

Parsnip, Potato, and Turnip Puree

Author: Diane Rossen Worthington

Homemade French Fries with Five Dipping Sauces

Author: Gina Marie Miraglia Eriquez

Roasted and Marinated Beets with Burrata, Charred Kale, and Hazelnut Vinaigrette

Nut oils have that same combination of earthy and sweet as root vegetables, which makes them the dream team. With the creaminess of burrata, it's just...

Author: Paul Kahan

Dominican Chimichurri Burgers

No need to worry about why this Dominican burger shares a name with the Argentinean sauce-nobody knows. Instead, just call it a chimi, grab a cold beer,...

Author: Andrea Albin

Pan Fried Flounder With Potatoes in Parsley

Some dishes are best when they are as plain and simple as possible. Whole fish fried in butter and served with lemon and parsley potatoes: That is simple...

Author: Trine Hahnemann