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Roasted Red Bell Peppers

Make and share this Roasted Red Bell Peppers recipe from Food.com.

Author: riffraff

Green (Un Ripe) Tomato Salsa for Canning

Summer heat came late and left a bit early this year...leaving lots of green tomatoes! This "throw together" green tomato salsa was declared "the best...

Author: yogiclarebear

Sautéed Broccoli and Mushrooms

This recipe just caught my eye while I was reading Cooking Light, Sept/07, issue. Have taken the liberty of adding some toasted almonds and crushed red...

Author: Manami

Pickled Jalapeno Peppers

These are excellent. Canned tons of them and everyone keeps grabbing jars and running. Super hot!!!!

Author: crazycookinmama

Chicken Breasts With Roasted Red Peppers

Make and share this Chicken Breasts With Roasted Red Peppers recipe from Food.com.

Author: SusieQusie

Hungarian Lecso Pepper, Sausage and Tomato Stew

Here is an ancient dish which originated in Serbia. Lecso is very versatile and essentially, is a stew of onions, various shaped and sized peppers including...

Author: Chef Czegeny

Canning Hot Banana Peppers

this is a recipe given to me by some neighbors 30 years ago an i still make it it is simple an good an always a hit at picnics

Author: cynthia mcelwain

Sweet and Spicy Shrimp Kabobs

Chipotles give a zippy flavor Honey giving it a sweetness making it a perfect finger licking food for entertaining. Tweeked from Weber. Serve as an appetizer...

Author: Rita1652

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

This is a nice robust and colorful soup - packs a punch and yet has a great taste - nothing better than roasted red peppers and roasted tomatoes.

Author: Ravenseyes

Hot & Sweet Pepper & Onion Relish

I was looking for something to can using bell peppers, hot peppers & onion, and came up with this. We grow several different types of pepper, sweet & hot....

Author: Gator Lady

Stir Fry Mushrooms and Bell Peppers

This fast yet tasty colorful vegan dish is a hit with my picky vegetarian friend and non veg husband. I remember making several vegetarian dishes before...

Author: Pneuma

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Find nothing but the good stuff in these yummy Stuffed Bell Peppers. With ground beef, onions and seasoning, these Stuffed Bell Peppers are a classic!

Author: My Food and Family

Cream of Poblano Soup

Poblano peppers are a mild Mexican pepper and this soup showcases them beautifully! This is a delicious, rich soup that will transport you to old Mexico!...

Author: Leslie in Texas

Grilled Bell Peppers

Make and share this Grilled Bell Peppers recipe from Food.com.

Author: D. M. Karon

Tri Colour Sweet Pepper Soup

I have been making this sweet pepper soup for over 20 years. There are two different versions that we enjoy: the recipe, as posted, with NO sour cream...

Author: The_Swedish_Chef

My Own Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers

I began making these about 22 years ago when a friend in nursing school with me used to feed me regularly and everyone loved her stuffed peppers. Prior...

Author: Hajar Elizabeth


Love to have these on hand to add to a sandwich or to top cream cheese and crackers with hot pepper jelly!

Author: Aroostook

Roasted Eggplant and Peppers

Make and share this Roasted Eggplant and Peppers recipe from Food.com.

Author: MMTRIP

Fried Rice with Pineapple, Shrimp & Ham

Fresh shrimp and pineapple make this easy weeknight stir-fry taste like a tropical breeze!

Author: My Food and Family

Couscous Stuffed Bell Peppers

Make and share this Couscous Stuffed Bell Peppers recipe from Food.com.

Author: Mrs B

The Best Damned Fried Banana Peppers Ever

This recipe comes from my long time friend, Tracy. I really can not believe she shared it with me.....all this time, I thought she cast some magic spell...

Author: FolkDiva

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Bruschetta

I have tried many different bruschetta recipes and none of them quite tickled my tastebuds until I tried the recipe from Penny's Gourmet to Go. Be sure...

Author: Krsi Sue

Texas Caviar

Slightly sweet, not too spicy. Serve with tortilla chips. Print copies of this recipe, people always ask for it!

Author: Gina Rae Vinson

Peppers Stuffed With Chorizo and Rice

DH hates anything green! BUT he caught me watching Food Network (instead of doing housework! lol) and said "WOW- that looks AMAZING! This was the recipe,...

Author: Mamas Kitchen Hope

Sweet and Spicy Vegetarian Chili

"Many chili recipes contain brown or white sugar. In this recipe, more nutritious barley malt adds a smoky, beerlike sweetness that contrasts deliciously...

Author: Roosie

Pepper Pot Soup

I used to make this soup at a restaurant I worked at and it was by far one of the favorites. You can just use green peppers if you want, but I prefer to...

Author: Denny2

Saucy Barbecued Pork Chop Skillet

Honey BBQ sauce, onions and green peppers take to the skillet for this sweet and savory take on pork chop night.

Author: My Food and Family

Peppers Packed in Oil

Here is a recipe that can be used for many different uses. It's a great way to keep fresh bell peppers ready to use at a moment's notice. You can use different...

Author: Sharon123

Canned Bell Peppers

Make and share this Canned Bell Peppers recipe from Food.com.

Author: Taylor in Belgium

Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Dip

Thick, hearty dip that is great with pita chips or tortilla chips. As an optional ingredient, I sometimes fold in chopped Kalamata olives. Enjoy!

Author: VLizzle

Stuffed Cherry Peppers

Saw something like this served at an Italian restaurant and decided to make them at home. Always get requests to make them. You can also use the Sweet...

Author: NJstixx

Seasoned Freezer Coleslaw

This recipe was submitted by a request for an Icebox Coleslaw. It is from Quick Cooking magazine. I have not yet tried this recipe, but it sure does sound...

Author: jb41848

Jalapeno Pickled Eggs

This recipe comes from cooks.com. It was submitted by Jo. My husband loves the jalapeno picked eggs we can buy at a local store. They are expensive though...

Author: Zaney1

Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Salad with Pineapple Serrano Dressing

Served straight off the grill or chilled as a make-ahead salad, this tasty chicken and pineapple dish is a real crowd-pleaser.

Author: My Food and Family

Crunchy Pickled Jalapeno Rings (Made With Pickling Lime)

I searched for a long time to find a way to make shelf-stable pickled jalapenos that remained crunchy after the jars were processed in a boiling water...

Author: xtine

Classic French Ratatouille

A good veggie filling for an omelette or a rustic tart; can be served either warm or cold. This recipe makes alot, so you may want to halve it, -or-, freeze...

Author: BecR2400

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables Thai Style

Posted for ZWT 2006. This is from my Simply Cooking Thai & Chinese cookbook. Another QETH (quick, easy, tasty and healthy dish)

Author: Galley Wench

Bell Pepper Relish

A true southern country relish, perfect served with any fall season greens, such as collards, turnip or mustard. Also excellent with cream cheese as a...

Author: l0vetw0c00k

Shrimp Veracruz Style (Camarones a La Veracruzana)

Posted for the Zaar World Tour 2006-Mexico. From the "Mexican Cookery" cookbook. I haven't tried this recipe, but it sounds delicious. When making this...

Author: Bayhill

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

This is THE most awesome soup EVER! Great for winter nights to chase the chill away and warm you up from the inside out. Not too spicy, just like tomato...

Author: kitchengrrl

Jalapenos Bread & Butter Style

These are so good on a sandwich and even on scrambled eggs. The peppers don't feel that hot using this recipe. Recipe modified from a canning booklet.

Author: Kathy228

Pasta With Red Pepper Sauce

Sometimes you need a break from ordinary pasta sauce. Sweet red pepper sauce replaces chunky meat sauce and cooks in less time. From Better Homes and Gardens....

Author: FrVanilla

Mexican Bean Hotpot

A hearty Mexican vegetable dish made with red kidney beans. To vary the dish, vary the beans. And to make it vegetarian, omit the bacon or replace it with...

Author: bluemoon downunder

Eggplant (Aubergine) Salad/Caviar

This is a very easy and healthy addition to any meal. Makes a great side dish or as a dip. Also known as Baklazhanovaya Ikra in Russian. You will need...

Author: blazer380

Deep Fried Jalapeno Slices


Author: riffraff

Roasted Bell Peppers Grilled

Do use any color or even better a combination of colors be it red, orange, yellow. Yes, you can do this stove top over direct flame of in a very hot oven....

Author: Rita1652

Roasted Vegetable Medley

This was something I came up with yesterday, virtually on the spot. I was hungry for some warm vegetables and came up with this. These are vegetables that...

Author: Studentchef

Lemon Grilled Fish in Banana Leaves

Adapted from the Queer Eye TV show; stored here for me to try later. You can substitute scallions for the onion if you prefer.

Author: echo echo

Creamy Poblano Chile Soup With Corn and Mushrooms

Is it possible to have too many Poblano and Corn Soup recipes- not if they taste this good. From Williams Sonoma Mexican.

Author: cookiedog