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The Best Marinade for Kabobs! (Beef, Pork and Lamb)

I have a few favorite marinades that I have used for years this is one of them, this marinade will tenderize and add flavor to any cut of meat to absolute...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

7 Layer Dip

This 7-layer dip is super easy and a beautiful dish to entertain with. I have a big colorful platter that I put it on. It's always a hit!!

Author: Southern Mama

So Easy Salmon Patties

This recipe is so simple and takes hardly any time at all. An easy go to dish that is nice when served with salad, quinoa, rice, or any veggies. If you...

Author: Oliver Fischers Mo

Best Ever Homemade Mayonnaise

Everyone we know loves this easy-to-make mayonnaise and asks us for the recipe. Now it is here for them. Use the very best eggs you can buy. This is the...

Author: Petroushka

Marinade for Steak

Ingredients in a marinade can be varied, but it is important to use wine, vinegar, lemon juice, or some acidic liquid to break down the connective tissues....

Author: Pamela

Best Ever Batter Fried Shrimp


Author: RedLobsterRestauran

Oatmeal Crumb Topping

My sister gave this to me when I wanted something to top a pumpkin dessert. This is fabulous! Can be used for almost any dessert. I have even warmed it...

Author: Small Town Cook

World's Best Grilled Steak

Tender juicy steaks on the grill are one of life's pleasures. This is the best marinade we have ever come across. It is the perfect blend of flavors and...

Author: Chef Dee

Rotisserie Chicken Rub

This is a no-fail yummy rotisserie chicken all-purpose rub! I use this to cook chicken in any manner of ways: oven, grill & crock pot, etc. This also works...

Author: Binxi

Fettuccine Alfredo

This marvelous recipe is one I got off this newsgroup some months back, but am reposting for the Alfredo request since I have no idea if the original poster...

Author: Naomi Schoenfeld1

Lawry's Seasoned Salt (Copycat)

My reverse-engineered recipe for Lawry's Seasoned Salt, originally marketed as a seasoning rub for ribs before barbecuing.

Author: The Spice Guru

Easy Deviled Eggs

This adopted recipe has already received many good reviews and is the way I have always fixed deviled eggs. Since these are just basic deviled eggs, use...

Author: GrandmaIsCooking

Refrigerator Kosher Dill Pickles

I've used this dill pickle recipe as long as I've grown cucumbers. It's easy to make and the pickles taste amazing. I make these in small batches every...

Author: PAUL P.

Clam Dip

Make and share this Clam Dip recipe from Food.com.

Author: Parsley

Bulk KFC Original Recipe Seasoning (Copycat)

My reverse-engineered recipe for replicating KFC's 'Original Recipe' chicken breading seasoning. Yields enough seasoning for 6 batches fried chicken or...

Author: The Spice Guru

Pan Seared Haddock

This recipe is for one, but can easily be increased. From Wegmans, the big grocery poobah in these parts.

Author: Mamie37

Pistachio Pudding, Pineapple Fluff Dessert Salad

Years ago I enjoyed a salad similar to this. I got what was in it, but not how to put it all together and the sizes and amounts. Over the years I used...

Author: chilepepper1231

Noodles Romanoff

Back in the late 60's and early 70's, Betty Crocker sold a boxed noodles romanoff that I absolutely loved! When they quit making it, I set about the task...

Author: Global3

Perfect Boiled Shrimp

Make and share this Perfect Boiled Shrimp recipe from Food.com.

Author: rcdino

Kansas City Dry Rub

Make and share this Kansas City Dry Rub recipe from Food.com.

Author: Sgt. Pepper

Sauteed Shrimp with Lemon and Garlic

My favorite way to saute fresh shrimp. This is so quick and simple. Serve over rice or angel hair pasta (I usually saute a little more garlic in olive...

Author: CarolAnn

Marinated Shrimp

Make and share this Marinated Shrimp recipe from Food.com.

Author: Derf2440

Pan Fried Fish With a Rich Lemon Butter Sauce

A wonderful and flavorful dish that you can choose a variety of fish such as flounder, cod, trout, snapper, etc. Great served with fresh steamed veggies...

Author: 2Bleu

Easy Taco Dip

Make and share this Easy Taco Dip recipe from Food.com.

Author: Dana-MMH

Creamy Horseradish Sauce

Make and share this Creamy Horseradish Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: susie cooks

Montreal Steak Marinade

This recipe is exactly what is written on the side of the McCormick's Montreal Steak Seasoning Container. I've been using it for several years and never...

Author: Chef Booshman

Ramen Noodle Salad

A friend at work gave me this recipe. It didn't seem like one I would like, but she made it one day and brought it to work. It has been one of my favorites...

Author: mammafishy

3 Ingredient Fruit Dip

I LOVE this fruit dip! It's easy and so yummy!!! I wasn't too sure about the number of servings it makes, so I guessed!

Author: Kim D.

Marinade for Beef

Make and share this Marinade for Beef recipe from Food.com.

Author: johnvac52

Beef Stew Seasoning Mix

Make and share this Beef Stew Seasoning Mix recipe from Food.com.

Author: Kzim4

Mussels With Tomato & White Wine Sauce

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mussels. Especially as a meal with really good crusty bread for dipping. This is 4 servings as an appetizer or 2 as a meal.

Author: Sooz Cooks

Dried Beef and Cream Cheese Dip

This is an adopted recipe that received rave reviews when I tested it at a local party. I served it with Triscuits, as it is a hearty dip and needs a sturdy...

Author: Ms B.

Ina's Scallops Provencal

Courtesy of Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa. A GREAT recipe for those seafood lovers! Amazingly simple to make and quick to the table... Enjoy!

Author: Lindas Busy Kitchen

My Favorite Sauteed Kale

I LOVE kale and this is how I like to make it almost every time. I'm a hot pepper flake chick, but if that's too much for you, just leave it out! Great...

Author: Kozmic Blues

Broiled Haddock Fillets

Another excellent fish recipe with a different twist on the topping! Once again, the topping can be used on almost any firm white fish you favor. Quick...

Author: Judith N.

Baked Brie With Cranberries

Make and share this Baked Brie With Cranberries recipe from Food.com.

Author: Chef mariajane

Dry Rub for Salmon

Make and share this Dry Rub for Salmon recipe from Food.com.

Author: cathyhauser

Homemade Mayonnaise

When you're out of mayonnaise, blend a batch of this Homemade Mayonnaise in under 1 minute. Because of the raw egg, this is not recommended for very young...

Author: BeachGirl

Pickled Crab Apples

I got this recipe from a cooking class I took on "Gourmet Gifts From the Kitchen" at Sur La Table. These small tart pickled apples are excellent served...

Author: susie cooks

Easy Chicken Cashew Salad

Make and share this Easy Chicken Cashew Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: Ceezie

Condensed Cream of Soup Substitute

I use this recipe as a substitute for the canned cream of soups in recipes. I almost never keep that stuff on hand, because its full of sodium, and just...

Author: amievv821

Tub and Shower Magic

This shower cleaner came from an Everyday Cheapskate e-mail, and it is truly magic, as the title states. I just tried it and it got the soap scum off my...

Author: Bobbin

Beef or Chicken Fajita Marinade

Ive tried lotsa fajita marinades, and so far this one is the best..Try it and see if you like it as much as we do.

Author: Angie D.

Cream of Anything Soup Mix

I got this off a frugal website many years ago. A great recipe to keep on hand. The variations are endless. Not sure how many servings this makes.

Author: bmcnichol

Shrimp Mold (New Orleans style)

My Grandmother's recipe - the best I have had. This is not spicy. ONE NOTE: I never have luck removing things from molds so I always use a decorative serving...

Author: Kikimony

Mixed Green Salad With Raspberry Vinaigrette

Make and share this Mixed Green Salad With Raspberry Vinaigrette recipe from Food.com.

Author: Anita Harris

Chicken Dip

Make and share this Chicken Dip recipe from Food.com.

Author: Marine Wifey

Famous Cottage Cheese Dip

This is a recipe I developed to copy a tasty dip that came from our favorite local mexican restaurant when my husband and I were in college at Michigan...

Author: joannarose

Sea Scallops Sauteed With Scallions

Make and share this Sea Scallops Sauteed With Scallions recipe from Food.com.

Author: Oolala

Dijon Mustard

I found this recipe online when I realized that I didn't have any dijon mustard that a recipe called for.

Author: Mrs. Hughes